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Pan flute lesson

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Muziek op Schoot

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Chamber music with panflute in the leading role.


The information and buying site for the panflute player.

Discover the magic of music!

Nadja Spooren is a panflute player. Until recently you could also find her under the banner of the Panflute Practice. After years of specializing in music for young children and running a real pan flute webshop, however, that no longer covers the load. That is why there is now Muziekspooren – for panflute lessons, Muziek op Schoot, ensembles with panflute in the leading role and the webshop. Four different tracks, all musical in nature. Welcome!

About me

Born in Boxtel in 1983, I learned to play the pan flute at the music school of Boxtel with Jos Aerts. During those lessons my love for this instrument grew with its beautiful timbre and endless possibilities. Finally, in 2010 I obtained my Bachelor of Music major in pan flute at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I studied there with Matthijs Koene and Jorge Isaac. The good mathematician will see that this is relatively late for a music study – that’s right. I therefore obtained my Master’s degree in English Language and Literature at Radboud University.

In 2011 I started for myself under the name Muziekpraktijk Pandemonium. This later became De Panflute Practice. The trajectory that followed broadened my interest as a musician and the name no longer covered the load. That is why my company now continues as Muziekspooren, to give space to my passion for music lessons for young children.

In 2017 I followed the PI course: Auditory Music Education for the Young Child at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In the summer of 2022 I started training as a Music teacher on Schoot and I am now happy to give parent / child lessons in the municipalities of Land van Cuijk, Wijchen and Veenendaal according to this beautiful didactics.

As a performing musician I enjoy playing together with guitarist Roel van Riel in Duo Vicini. Fellow panflute player and multi-talent Marlies de Roos and I form Duo Mugurel together. Just before the corona crisis, the panflute quartet Project4 started, consisting of Marlies de Roos, Henske Bakker, Carina Bossenbroek and myself. This basic line-up varies according to the repertoire, the room and our availability from Project3 to Project6.

Bye! – Nadja